sailingshipcandoAs the story goes it is from the Sea Cloud Journals of Seas Inn that reveal a young shipmate apprentice   of the legendary Captain Sea Cloud ~ this adventurous lad grew to be known as Captain CANDO then made a voyage of his own.




an amazing adventure of self discovery

Song: “Sea Song”


Captain CANDO & The Golden Voyage is a new medium combining touches of old classic styles like Treasure Island, Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and The Wizard of OZ, presenting an edutainment learning multimedia format for children and adults in the form of a commercially interactive fun and exciting journey of realization of one’s own potential.

In this Voyage The CANDO Kid in us all boards The CANDO, a sailing ship through Parallel Mediums of the Constellation CANDO achievement universe found in one’s own imagination, a route design of one’s own pathway choices ~ destination an island far off yet so close by known as Isle de’ CANDO where treasure abounds, and where human spirit is lifted, environmental awareness realized and economic development of one’s own intellectual properties create commerce along with a CANDO Coalition of Partners For Positive Change along The Ave helping to make dreams come true for CANDO Kids everywhere!


Powered by Your Imagination!